Telescope and then some

Last week I worked on another Issue for Seneca’s Telescope project. This time I had to connect the parser that I previously created to the feed queue. All in all it was not a hard task to implement but I did run into some issues after I rebased with the master branch. When so many people working on the same project and a lot of stuff being merged constantly you have to keep your branch up to date all the time and someone else’s code can also break yours or vice versa. It was a great experience working with Node.js and a couple of npm packages that certainly will be very useful for me in the future.

I have also started to work on another project for Human-Connections, that required me to use Vue.js. I have never used that framework before so this will be a great learning experience. I am still yet to finish this task as it’s not as easy as I thought. I have to implement a show/hide password button that should be located inside input field and switch icon every time someone click it. I have been stuck at it for a couple of days now but hopefully I will get some help from their developers on how to go about it. The good thing about this project is that they have a discord channel and you can ask questions there.

So while I was stuck on Vue.js part, I decided to complete another pr. I chose a Computer Science project where I had to implement BubbleSort with javascript. It was a great review for me on how to implement BubbleSort and I also looked into other sorting algorithms as well. I also had to write a couple of the test cases for it.

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