Contribution to telescope

This week I was working on a wiki parser for wiki page. Its a new project that was started by Seneca to update their existing Planet. Its suppose to track blog feeds, that are written by Seneca students and staff. My part was to create a parser that was suppose to parse a wiki page and extract blog urls and the names of students that wrote these blogs. Since its the first time that I worked with node it took me some time to get used to. One of the things that was new to me is a Promise. Had to do some digging on how to extract information from a Promise. Also used some new packages like bent and jsdom. Overall it was a great learning experience and I learned a lot from it.

I have also done a contribution to Gatsby project, by translating one of their pages to the Russian language. This was the first time I ever done a translation, since the languages are quite different and I couldn’t just translate word for word, I had to remember a lot of Russian statements that I haven’t used in a while, but in the end it worked out quite well I believe.

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