My Goals for Hacktober

During the month of October, I will be taking part in hacktober fest event. For this event I will have to commit changes for issues on git, one issue per week. While working on the issues, I will try to complete some of the goals that I set.

My first goal is to learn a new programming language or framework, like Python or Angular. This will probably take some time to do but I believe that it would be beneficial to learn something new that I can put on a resume.

And second goal is to improve my knowledge of git. This is essential if I will continue to contribute to projects.

To start working on these goals I have found a couple of projects that I believe will help me get on my way. One of the issues that I picked would require me to add a frontend in Angular for user interaction. My second issue that I picked is to add type annotations to a project. And third one is to add unit tests.

I believe that these issues will get me going on my way to learn more about git and hot to contribute to projects. It will also be a great start to learn new programming languages.

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